Using the Society Research Service
This service continues to be available, supported by Society volunteers, during the present Coronavirus situation.
However the service will only operate via the web site and email systems. Regrettably we cannot accept postal applications at this time.

For simple straightforward questions you may obtain free and knowledgeable assistance and advice through the Family History Forum. Local History information may also be obtained by this method.

Visit the Forum here

The volunteers who operate the Research Team may not have access to all the Society resources at this time but they use their Family History skills to help you break down that brickwall.  Research is not limited to the Huddersfield & District area - we can help research across a much wider field.
Remember to include as much information as possible to help the researcher. Include details you have already found in your own research, helpful dates e.g. birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial. Give full place names where applicable – so for example there will be a Church Street in many districts of all the towns in our area and other towns throughout the UK.

Requests to the Society Research Team

A more general request facility, that could take up to four hours to research, is available online. This is a ‘Paid For’ service with charges calculated as follows:

H&D FHS Members: £3.00 per half hour with a £3.00 minimum charge
Non Members : £4.00 per half hour with a £4.00 minimum charge

Please, just one request at any one time and await a reply before sending another request.

  • On receipt of your request the Research team will investigate the extent of the research required and calculate the cost of dealing with your enquiry.
  • Details of charges, to provide the information requested will be sent by PayPal invoice. It is our aim to send this information within 14 days of receipt of your request.
  • Payment can then be made via a personal PayPal account, or by using Credit or Debit Card. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for your research by this method.
  • The research team will then send the research results to you by email.

Please send as much detail as you can by using the Research Enquiry Form here . Please, just one request at any one time and await a reply before sending another request.

More Extensive Bespoke Research

A more extensive, bespoke piece of research by H&D FHS volunteers could include investigation into one or more topics:

  • One or both direct lines of a particular person with as much supporting evidence as can be found, and might also include drawing a family tree, completing an ancestral notebook with all relevant information and preparing an online tree on Ancestry.
  • The history of a house, although this can take a lot of time and may take many hours of research both online and at local archives.
  • Advice and assistance on researching family links using DNA.

Your request will be passed to a Society volunteer who will contact you, either by email, telephone or in person at the Root Cellar, to agree the terms of the research required and the likely cost of the research project.
Please use this form to provide details of the research you have in mind.

Terms & Conditions