Who are they & where are they?

This picture has been provided Noela Ness (nee Horne) from Australia. She recently found the photo behind another print in the back of an old frame which is believed to have come from her family who came from the Marsden area (Horne, Lunn, Berry, Holyroyd). There are no identifying marks on the picture, which is  quite old and mounted on a type of card stock with the words CHALCEDONY and UNION JACK and the start of the word SEAS... on the back of the card stock. This may refer to a brand of photography material used at the time.
Noela wonders if it is of any interest to any members of your society or if anyone can place the building and possibly its age. It is .

NB: According to Wiki, CHALCEDONY is a type of silica found in gem stones.

If you can add any clues please leave a comment below.

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