Edgerton Cemetery

Edgerton Cemetery

Opened in 1855 the cemetery consists of two main areas, Consecrated and Unconsecrated. Two chapels stand either side of the main drive, one in each of the areas. Between them stands a crowned arch, the construction of which caused much controversy. Full details of the Edgerton Chapels story are here.

Edgerton Cemetery Projects

Burial Records
The transcribed records (about 80% complete) can be searched at the Root Cellar. The search facility has the option to enter Given Names, Surnames and Dates and the search result will show all records which meet those criteria. Select the required record and the programme provides the option to view all records associated with that grave reference.

This latter facility is particularly  useful for family graves.
Grave RecordThere are other instances where a larger number of individuals appear to be buried in a communal grave, usually what might be described as a 'Paupers Grave'.

Monumental Inscriptions

The gravestones (several thousand) at Edgerton were photographed by the late Mike Hardcastle in order to make the Memorial Inscriptions available to family history researchers. Where the inscriptions are difficult to read in the photograph he has added a transcription. Whilst Mike retained the copyright to these photographs he gave the Society copies together with  licence to publish them for the benefit of Family History Researchers. The images are now in the Society database and can be searched along with the Burial records.

NB: for copyright reasons, the photographing of Monumental Inscription Images on Root Cellar computer screens is not allowed.

Edgerton Cemetery Layout and Monumental Inscriptions

Edgerton Package

For Edgerton Cemetery that will include :

  • Burial Register details for all persons recorded as buried in that grave.
  • Memorial Inscription photograph copy.
  • Location Plan to enable the grave to be found
  • Background to the establishment of the cemetery.

The search results can be sent by email, however if the results are sent by post then additional packing and postal charges will be due.