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roger gill

Calliek….. maybe you are no longer looking at this site as it is a long time since your previous message but I thought I would just mention how I believe Kilner Bank got its name. Between 1551 and 1572, two Kilner brothers, John and Thomas Kilner, settled in Dalton area. There is a record of John Kilner being a Constable in Dalton in 1551 and in 1560 Thomas tenanted about 17 acres of land and a fulling Mill in 1560 by the river Colne from a Richard Longley. John had a son also called John & he tenanted 60 acres of land in Dalton, Kirkheaton & Almondbury…. This land along with Thomas’s land I believe is where the Huddersfield football ground is now…. Hence these guys, because of the amount of land they tenanted gave the name to Kilner Bank. I have yet to anaylse the acreage of land in the tenancies and link to a specific area but i reckon this can be done hopefully….. Hopefully this helps…… I’m the grandson of James Arthur Kilner who ran Lion fireworks in Lepton from 1941 to 1973 when it closed….. & I have traced our family tree back to John and Thomas in Kirkheaton.