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roger gill

Kirkbridge Mill brief history
from book Various Pieces of Textile History of the Holme Valley
by Eric Hadfield
in 1894 Graham and Barnfather started a Partnership at the Mill, Mr Barnfather died shortly after and Mr Graham got a new partner an ex colleague from the design office of Rock Mills a Mr Potts. During the the 1st world war the only 2 sons of Mr Graham were killed and helost interestin life and he died not long after.So the business was run by Mr Potts .Subsequently his 2 sons Martin and James and son in law Lionel Dean joined him and things went well for many years .Quite a bit after the end of the 2nd world war and Mr Potts snr having been dead for a long time ,these 2 sons and son in law were also dead leaving only James son Malcolm to run the business there were many non active shareholders by now so in order to release capital for payment of these relatives Malcolm Potts sold the business to Tulketh group of Bradford ,they did not keep the business going very long and it closed in 1968.