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Ann Williams

Hello, Susan. Thank you very much for your interest. I am working with a Search Angel to research this on behalf of a family member, and we now think that Colin Quigley may have been put up for adoption. This may have happened in Huddersfield or London, as his parents were James and Josephine Quigley (nee Mulvihill) who lived in London for the years surrounding the birth. They were only in Huddersfield for about a year – which is when Colin was born. Why they went there is unknown as Josephine came from Ireland. Perhaps James had family in the area? Or maybe she did too? When they returned to London in 1962, it is possible that Josephine went back to work rather than be a stay-at-home Mum, so someone must have looked after Colin…. There is no trace of him on any online database that we know of, and we have traced numerous Colin Quigleys but have been unable to identify any born in 1961. If Colin was indeed adopted, there is little chance of finding him, but we have registered with the normal adoption contacts in case he was and is now looking for his natural family. All I can think of is that if you are in the local library sometime and have a few minutes to spare, it would be greatly appreciated if you could have a quick look in the Electoral Register for 1961 and see if James and Josephine were registered at 16 West View, Paddock, Huddersfield in that year, and if there were any other Quigleys or Mulvihills living with them or nearby at the time.