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There were a lot of pubs in such rural area in the 19th century – I believe they eventually lost their licences at renewal times because the authorities throught there were too many to be supported by local populations. Perhaps the Junction was one such victim – maybe when quarrying at Magnum petered out. I am just curious as to which of my ancestors might have been the owner when the pub closed and a closure date would help to pin whoever it was down. Or maybe the Hirst family sold out while it was still a going concern. I am always curious about such things which are not particulalrly important. Thanks for the FMP info. I don’t currently subscribe to the site but can access it at my library so will take a look. The publican in 1891 was John Mellor (also a quarryman) – in 1901 he is at Snowgatehead so if he was the rent defaulter it does appear he moved on – or was moved.
Every little helps in this game until we have enough pieces to complete a jigsaw. Thanks.