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Rob Varley

Hello Pamela. In fact, Nellie had two children, six grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren and (so far) three great-great grandchildren! I am one of her grandsons and have spent a lot of time researching the family’s history – including the remarkable Russian chapter. The History Today article you reference was written by my brother Martin in the 1990s after he and my sister travelled to St Petersburg to find the Thornton Mill. They found it still operating, and even managed to bring back some cloth produced there! I would be delighted to receive any photos and other information you have. I have a photograph of Lucy Brooke outside her Russian house with Hattie, Dorothy and Edgar Shaw and Petro the dog, which you may like to see if you don’t already have it. You can contact me at huddersfield@applecottage.org.uk.