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      I have been given a photo from a family member who believes it has my Grandma on. My Grandma came from the West Bretton, Skelmanthorpe area and was born around 1890. The picture shows an older lady with 2 young girls and a boy outside a house. On the wall of the house there is a plaque:

      No 11
      Mrs Holmes?

      Has anyone come across this type of residence in West/South Yorkshire? I am not sure it is my Grandma and the clothing doesn’t look British. Anybody got any ideas?

      Is there any way of sharing a photo on the forum?

      Thanks Pam Ward

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      Could the photo have been taken outside their holiday accommodation? Up to the 1950`s in popular holiday resorts ,it was quite usual to see similar notices on private homes where accomodation was available. Often the sign would be placed in the front window offering B&B (bed & breakfast) or Full or half board.

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