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      I am trying to find out when burials in Holmfirth ceased at the old ground in the town centre (now Holmeside Gardens) and when they started at the cemetery up Rotcher Road. Was there an overlap of burial dates between the old and new grounds as people may still have had family plots in the old ground with reserved space. According to the 2 society published burial record books there were around 9000 burials on the registers between 1759 and 1877, which seems a huge number if they were all in the old ground.

      I assume the Mortuary Chapel at the new cemetery was built when the ground opened. When was it closed for use and when was it demolished? I do recall it still stood in the early days of Summer Wine filming as the pilot episode featured it.

      Googling these questions takes me to all sorts of interesting sites but nothing with the answers to the above!

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