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      Jennifer Grant

      Mary was the daughter of my gx3 grandparents Thomas Thornton & Esther Armstrong. I have plenty of confirmed documentation for her two brothers, Sydney (my gx2 grandfather) and Silvester (transported to Australia but subsequently pardoned) but Mary remains a mystery.

      I found the marriage of a Mary Thornton to Jonathan Crosland on the 24th of Oct 1824, registered in Huddersfield with one of the witnesses being Hannah Thornton. This couple went on to have five children: Tyne, Louisa, William Thornton, Walter John, & Henry, and they lived in Paddock Huddersfield which was just over 3 miles from Almondbury. In the 1841 census Jonathan was recorded as being a woollen cloth dresser but by the 1851 census he had died & Mary was recorded as being a cloth dresser employing 46 men, 3 of whom were no doubt her three sons Tyne, William and Walter who were still living at home along with her daughter Louisa.

      In the 1861 census the family were still all together and living in Marsh, Huddersfield but Mary is nowhere to be found in the 1871 census. Tyne, Louisa, William & Henry are all living together in Crosland Moor.

      So back to the GRO records for deaths between 1861 & 1871 where there’s just one possible death for Mary (other than Mary Crosland the innkeeper) where this lady died at 68 years of age in the March quarter of 1871 in Huddersfield, giving her a birth year of 1803 which is near enough for my liking. I’m going to order a copy of the certificate but I’m sure it won’t clarify whether or not this Mary was my Mary Thornton.

      My Thomas Thornton was baptised at Highfield, Huddersfield on the 6th of June 1784. His 9 siblings were also baptised at Highfield Independent. Mary & Sydney were baptised at Queen St Wesleyan, Huddersfield but for whatever reason Silvester was baptised in St Peter’s Huddersfield, The children of Mary & Jonathan Crosland were all baptised in the Highfield Independent Church except for Henry who was baptised at All Saints, Paddock.

      Needless to say, any information anyone may have on my Mary Thornton will be like finding a diamond for me!!

      I’ve attached the copy of the death record for Mary Crosland innkeeper … perhaps it will be useful to someone in this group.

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      janet LeBillon

      Hello Jennifer

      Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news but Mary Thornton was buried at Highfields 8 Aug 1806. aged 10 months. No parents mentioned but this fits in with the date given.

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      Jennifer Grant

      Far from being disappointing news Janet, it brings conclusion to what’s been a mystery to many of us for years! I’m wondering why I wasn’t able to find this information anywhere before as I’d looked on FamilySearch, Ancestry, FMP etc without result. However, following your message I’ve just had another look and have found it. Anyway, it’s been enlightening to find just how many Mary Croslands there were but I’m still wondering which family the Mary Thornton who married Jonathan Crosland belonged to. I can also look for more documentation to confirm the place of my Thomas Thornton amongst the children of William Thornton & Martha Midwood. I’m 99.9% sure he belongs there but I just don’t have the documentation to prove it!
      Thank you so much for your help which is really, really appreciated.

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      Margaret Ralph

      Hi Jennifer, I have just seen your post. Mary Thornton who married Jonathan Crosland was as daughter of William Thornton and Betty (Elizabeth) Tyne, She was born on 20 April 1802 in Huddersfield and married Jonathan Crosland on 21 Octover 1824 in St Peters Parish churhc in Huddersfield. They had six children, Tyne, Louisa, William Thornton, Walter John, Henry and Clara Ellen. The family can be found in Lockwood in 1841 census, John died in 1843 and is buried in Paddock, All Saints. Mary died on 6th Jan 1871 and was buried in Paddock, All Saints aged 68.
      Her father was a William Thornton was a cloth dresser, living in Paddock. He was born 1776 and married Betty Tyne on 25 Oct 1801 in St Peters Huddersfield. (it is noted on the register that he was from Lindley and married by licence not banns.) Mary was their first child and her birth was regisitered in the Lockwood, Baptist Chapel.
      My interest in this family stems from my great aunt’s marriage to a Joseph Tyne Thornton ( a descendant of a brother to the above Mary Thornton) and my maiden name is also Crosland. I am still trying to find the conncection with the Croslands of Crosland Hall and my branch of the family from Lindley,
      Hope this helps you – If you want any further information. please ask.

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      Jennifer Grant

      Good to read your reply Margaret. I wonder how many Thornton families were non-conformists as yours & mine were? I’ve attached a photo of Thomas Thornton, father of Mary who died as an infant and father also to Silvester & my gx2 grandfather Sydney Thornton. I’m also wondering where the names Sydney & Silvester came from as these names were used as both first & middle names in countless descendants of Thomas & Esther Armstrong. I haven’t come across it, as yet, in any other Thornton line.

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