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      One of my many Huddersfield ancestors was Richard Munroe (B.1833-D1888). In my research I’ve come across several references to him being part of the Huddersfield Temperance society, and a director of the Temperance Hotel. There’s a few bits online about what the temperance hotel was and a couple of newspaper clips. Would love to know if anyone has any further info on the temperance hotel, and if there are any local records that exist that might mention him! Thanks

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      The History of the Temperance Hotel, 21 New Street, Huddersfield can be found on the Huddersfield Exposed website and may give extra information. On The British Newspaper Archives on-line there are also a number of references.
      Frequent visitors to the Hotel subscribed to a fund to provide an annual Christmas breakfast for the poor children of the town. In 1893 over 1,1000 children attended the event at the Victoria Hall. Each child was given tea, coffee, currant buns, and a bag containing 2 oranges, a quarter pound of spice (sweets), a quarter pound of nuts, and a slice of Christmas cake to take home with them.
      Joseph Thornton died on 3 Oct. 1887 aged 70. A notice in the Huddersfield daily Chronicle 3 Dec. 1887 stated that Thorntons Temperance Hotel Co (Ltd) registered on 17th inst. with a capital of £500 , in £1 shares, to acquire the business of The Temperance Hotel -keeper carried on by the Administratrix of the late Joseph Thornton, of Huddersfield. The subscribers are:
      J P Greenwood, Milnesbridge, dyer 10 shares
      E Mellor, Huddersfield, teacher 10 ”
      J Cully ” woolen warper 10 ”
      Henry Leech, Longwood, manufacturer 10 ”
      E Hallas, Huddersfield ,mill furnisher 10 ”
      R Munroe, ” 5 ”
      F Longbottom, Lockwood, plasterer 5 ”
      Registered without special article.

      Richard Munroe.
      A tribute to Richard Munroe mentions that he was a member of the Sol-fa Association and had been one of the Vice-chairmen.(Hudds. Daily Examiner 2.5.1888) and in the same paper 14.2.1888 there is his obituary.
      It might be worth enquiring whether the Local Archives Dept at Huddersfield Library have any records relating to the Hotel, or R. Munroe .

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      Thank you so much for your helpful reply- I tried replying before but I think the forum page was down as I couldn’t for the life of me find the reply button! Great information, I like that my ancestor was paying the cheap subscription (a man after my own heart!). I will follow that up and see if I can find the history you mentioned on the Huddersfield Exposed site and see if the Library can help. Again thank you!

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      Hello again,
      Sorry, my apologies re The History of the Temperance Hotel.
      Correction – it`s actually on Underground Histories.wordpress.com
      You`ve probably looked at Huddersfield History.org.uk and seen the map and item 5 which pinpoints the site of the hotel.

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