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  1. Hi ,
    I’ve noticed in the latest Journal new members postal and Email addresses are no longer given. I thought one reason for joining a Society was to bring members together. Seemingly we now have to contact the Members Secretary to get some ones address.
    I do realise there must be some legal reason for this but isn’t there a way around it
    Judith Varley [mem VOO1]

    Hi Judith
    Put it down to the introduction of the General Data Protection Rules introduced last year. Its all about getting permission from people as to how their data is used by the Society.I will ensure that the issue is raised with the committee at their next meeting.

  2. Hi, for some reason the contact page isnt working for me and i just had a query regarding my order. i have recieved 4 booklets but i did order 7. I am just wondering what has happened to the other 3. I am not being impatient as i know you are all very busy but there wasnt a note in with the 4 that came that said the others will be set after the fact so thought i would just run it past you. Sorry i couldnt communiate in a different way to you though. I am really happy with the 4 i have and others i have bought 🙂

  3. The Wigney family from Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, and Huddersfield rand the George Hotel in Huddersfield from about 1816 for many years a book has been written about the family called Weavers, Wanderers and Wigneys and can be bought on Amazon
    Thanks Heather
    The Amazon page includes:
    “Weavers, Wanderers & Wigneys traces the remarkable history of the Wigney family from humble weaving origins in Yorkshire to their rapid rise in the eighteenth century as wealthy bankers and brewers, becoming the pillars of society in Regency Brighton, spawning one of Brighton’s first MPs, Isaac Newton Wigney, who later resigned after the collapse of the Wigney Bank, Although his descendants married well, they were to be involved in divorces, tragedies, elopements – even murders. But there were also poor, God-fearing Wigneys.
    Some Wigneys stayed in London, others emigrated to Australia,America and Canada. William Wigney V even fought in the American Civil War.”

    a paperback priced at £9.99


  4. Hi, Your website seems to be very slow, and I have had to make several attempts to log in , including renewing my password three times. I have finally managed to renew my membership, but it was a very slow and desperate process. This problem must be very frustrating for our overseas members and for those who do not live in the Huddersfield area. I’m sure a serious web-site overhaul would be appreciated by all.

    Hi Frank

    Thank you for your comments and renewing your membership via the web site. Your password issue is a new one to me and I have checked the process by logging in and out a couple of times today and that worked OK. However I will continue to monitor that situation for the future.
    As far as speed is concerned, the web site has never been what one might describe as fast but today seems exceptionally slow. I will monitor that and see what I can do to improve things. Any major revamp will be a long term process.

  5. Do you hold records of Roman Catholic Baptisms for Batley/Batley Carr in 1866
    to 1868?

    I understand they were transferred years ago and am trying to track down
    who holds these records.

  6. Ok, I give up! I am technically minded but I can’t work this! first I am told I have cookies disabled….I don’t. Then my password won’t work. So I try and re-set it and my complicated password using capitals, small letters, numbers and a symbol was not allowed as it was too easy, but my easy one word all small letters password was accepted! The link to contact webmaster didn’t work, and now I can’t access the other part of the site because I[ve forgotten that password too. I have quite forgotten what it was I came on here to do! Please can we have one password for the whole site? And I need to see if my standing order went through last year because I don’t remember getting a journal.
    Thanks. Claire Pearson P054

  7. Hi My Great Great Grandfather Thomas Clark was a Navvy working on the construction of the Huddersfield BLACKMOORFOOT Reservoir. Can anyone tell me 1.If there was a camp set up to house them and their families.
    2. How many were employed.
    3. Were any mechanical diggers etc used.
    4.Would it have been possible to visit the September Honley Feast and get back in a day.
    Bit of a mix but any help appreciated including direction to correct experts.

    Hi Edward
    Interesting questions. You will get a wider audience if you put the question on the Society Forum, which is found here
    If you wish the Society Research Team to do some work on this then why not try the Society Research Service , details of which can be found here
    As far as journey times are concerned,if you say where you are travelling from I may well be able to help.

  8. Greetings ~ I have just discovered your organisation today. I am an American descended (proudly) from Huddersfield textile workers who moved to Bradford in the mid-1800s and then (my branch of the family, at least)to the USA in 1907. I’ve used Ancestry.com at our local library and traced back to my 4 great grandfather, but information becomes much harder to obtain beyond that point. The newest item on my “bucket list” is to visit the Root Cellar! But for now I am thinking about signing up for a membership. Do you think the forum would be helpful for me? There are probably as many Rushworths in Huddersfield and its environs as there are in the entire USA!

    Hi Teresa
    Welcome to our web site. If you post your message on the Society Forum (open to all) you may well get responses re the Rushworth families in Huddersfield. The family did run a department store in Huddersfield through much of the C20th.
    Joining the Society will give you access to the members area of the web site where you will be able to see the interests declared by other members which may include Rushworth connections. There are other advantages in joining the Society, not least the quarterly Journal where these interests can be shared. This has the advantage of reaching members who may not use the internet as well as containing regular articles by members
    sharing interesting family stories.
    The Root Cellar is well worth a visit, but if that is some way down the bucket list then the Society Research Service may be of use.

  9. Hi Roger – in response to response – the web page was the general web where you access the forums using email and password


    the “OH” was in the burial booklet – it was next to surname, date of death, with oh in the final column – no forename was supplied – which is why I wondered if the parents name may be on the certificate – as I haven’t come across this type of record before – previously all my babies have been named…

  10. Hi Roger – in response to response – the web page was the general web where you access the forums using email and password

    the “Oh” was in the burial booklet – it was next to surname, date of death, with oh in the final column – no forename was supplied – which is why I wondered if the parents name may be on the certificate – as I haven’t come across this type of record before – previously all my babies have been named…

    Hi Karen
    I have checked the page in the booklet you mentioned and the “0h” appears in the age column. Discussion with my colleagues tells me that this indicates “That the baby was born alive but unfortunately died before it was one hour old”. It would not have been baptised thus the lack of any given name in the record of burial.

  11. Hi Roger – I am trying to log on using my email mail and password – but I keep getting this

    503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you need assistance.

    I can access the members area with no dramas at all – lol, all I wanted to know was “Oh” Stood for in the burials – I was wondering if these were stillbirths that hadn’t been named? and the other question is, if I order the GRO index burial certificate – would the parents be mentioned on it??

    ps. I received my membership pack and booklets in the post today – thank you

    Hi Karen
    1)Login problem: please say which web site (or part of) you are having trouble with.
    2) I am pleased you have accessed the members area. However I am puzzled by your query re the ‘Oh’. Whilst the members area will show that the Society has a Burial recorded against an individuals name, no age details are given there. If you have seen this information on the Index of Deaths (www.freebmd.org.uk perhaps) a’0′ will indicate that an infant died before attaining the age of 1 year.
    3)Stillbirths were not registered until 1927. Whilst they have been registered since then, the index is not public.
    4)You ask if parents are mentioned on a death certificate. The answer is ‘maybe’! The certificate records the details of the informant who should be next of kin but not necessarily a parent.
    The Society of Genealogists has a good page about certificates on there web site at SOC BMD Certificate descriptions

    I am pleased to hear you have received your members welcome pack. I trust you have foiunbd the contents interesting.

  12. Thank you for your reply I think that my information to you seems to have been a bit vague. All the records for the Wesleyan at Stones Lane were photocopied and also transcribed. All these were collected by one of your members approx 2years ago. The gentleman was I believe a former teacher at Nields school at Slaithwaite.He knew Barbara Bower who also taught at the same school. Mrs Bower was instrumental in my being able to copy these records. She was at every session with me, on a Saturday mornings. the last session was to be her last as she passed away that day. When you print the records could you also print a thank you to her. the records go up to her passing but not including.

    Thank you for that information. I can confirm that the records are with the Society Project Coordinator and will be published in the not too distant future.

  13. For years I have been looking for where my great x2 grandad is buried without success.He was Edmund Wear,he died on the 30th July 1876,aged 43.He was living in Beaumont Street when he died.His son,Tom Wear was with him when he died.Tom was living in Mirfield,I would guess with his brother John and his mother Eliza.
    I know that Edmund isn’t buried in Edgerton Cemetery,would it be possible to look for him and how much will it cost?
    Regards Susan Gunning
    I have referred your enquiry to the Society Research team who will no doubt contact you in due course.

  14. I am a lapsed member, approx 2years ago the records for the stones lane linthwaite Methodist and others where collect from myself where I live in cumbria. I can see no mention of them on your web page.

    Hi Jim

    I will follow up and let you know the result

  15. I’m fairly au fait with paying over the net for subs etc at various websites but the hdfhs has defeated me.
    So long folks
    Member LO89

  16. With family roots in the Huddersfield region I am researching back to about 1800. I live in Europe, and am not familiar with the British Register and records. Could you kindly tell me what would be contained in your publications:
    (i) A census – does this list persons by name, or is it a general overview of the demographics?;
    (ii) A marriage register: Is this a representation of an original document, or a listings of the marriages that took place?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Thanks for your enquiry. Please visit the Publications page where I have now put a link to examples of the publications. I hope this helps.

  17. Have only just found this site and it looks like I’ll be joining, as I have a number of questions which other members may be able answer. I have been researching my family for some twelve months using “Ancestry” but I also have a wealth of knowledge about people and characters from the Golcar area – much of it first hand!
    Talking of which, I note that there are quite a few non-conformist chapels missing from the Google link: Pole Moor, Shred, Sunny Bank, Wellhouse, Scapegoat Hill, Ley Moor Mission, Parkwood, Golcar ‘Prov’ along with a couple of CofE outlying churches: Milnsbridge ‘Tin Tabernacle’ (St Matthews I believe) and Westwood – both sub churches of St John’s at Golcar.

  18. I am coming to London,Cotswolds and York next week. my family,nubill, nubull,nuball, came to Essex county , Virginia in the late 1600’s to early 1700″s. 5 brothers. are there any residents of the huddersfield area with that family name? I will only have a short time to visit the town, for a few hours, and wanted to find a place where I might see some genealogy records. thanks you for any information you might offer me.
    tom newbill

  19. I am new to research and have just found your website so am not sure if it will help me yet. Can you tell if you have any any information on Huddersfield nursing homes. specifically Bradley Lane? nursing home Leighfields Road? I believe my grandmother was working and or living there when she died in 1946 but can not find any details of this establishment. Do you have any publications that include information on this place? Thank you in advance.

    I am told that the nursing home was probably on Highfields rather than Leighfields Road.

  20. I have been a lifetime member of H&DFHS for quite a few years but recently I have not done any family history but now wish to start again – thank you for the magazine it is so informative and interesting
    This is the first time i have tried the website and hope to use it now
    will be in touch again when i have sorted what to next research

  21. Hi Glenda,
    Yes, we would like any unwanted certificates. Please send them to :-
    F.A.O. Margaret Woodcock (Publicity Officer)
    The Root Cellar,
    33A, Green’s End Road,
    Holmfirth. HD9 5Nw

  22. Hello,
    I have been researching my Family in and around Dewsbury area and have several Birth,Marriage and Death Certificates that I sent for from GRO that are not relevant to my family.

    I was wondering if you would like me to forward them to you to assist your members research

  23. The Parish Church Photographs. Some years ago I pointed out this mistake.
    The photograph for Milnsbridge is listed as St Paul’s
    It is fact St Luke’s Parish Church.
    Please amend.
    Like the website very user friendly – thank you.
    Member S264
    Thank you for pointing this out. I will investigate.
    It took a bit of sorting but the church name has now been corrected to read Milnsbridge St Luke.
    I have also taken the opportunity to update the header in the Members Area to display the current Society Logo.



  24. Hello,I have recently re-joined the society as a member but as I haven’t a membership number I’m unable to access the search area.The site has really changed since I last visited and I’m not at all sure how to go about things
    Regards Polly

    Hi Polly
    Welcome back to the Society. You do not need to login to look around the main site but you do require your Membership No and a Password to gain access to the Members Area. I will check these out and send you the information by separate email.

  25. I am not a member of your society but would like to order some of the records for Batley and Birstall. I’m not being successful. I put them in the basket and then can’t find the basket to view and pay. I wanted to order 4 different editions. Can you also tell me about the CD’s? Do these contain the births only or all the records i.e. birth, marriage and death? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Hello Vivien
    First of all I will deal with the basket issue.
    When you visit a publication page, select an item and ‘Add to cart’ (that is the term used on this web site), the item is added to your cart and a note appears at the top of the page confirming this action and displaying a ‘Visit Cart’ button. However if you leave that page the cart notice will disappear but so long as you have something in a cart there is a link in the Right Hand Margin (Looks a bit like a shopping trolley) which will take you back to the cart where you can proceed to complete the purchase.

    The CD contents are as described in the titles. E.g ‘Birstall Baptisms CD 1724-1817’ contains the same data that is included in the ten Birstall Baptism booklets that cover this period. I suspect some confusion may have arisen because the wrong image was associated with the Birstall Baptism CD – I apologise for that and have now corrected it.

    I trust that you will now be able to complete your selection of publications and that they will help you progress with your family history research. Please do contact me if you have any more problems with your purchase.
    email: webmaster@nullhdfhs.org.uk

  26. Daphne
    Whilst the Society has not transcribed the records post 1899 we do have fiche copies of the registers to 1979.
    I am sure the Research Team will be happy to do a search on your behalf if you wish to use the Society Research Service. A modest charge (discounted to Members) is made for this service.

  27. I have been a member of HDFHS for a year or two, but have not until now made use of your website (my fault of course !). I have just ordered a selection of your CDs and booklets at sale prices. I note that the Almondsbury Burial Records only go as far as 1899. Several of my family members were buried there in the early years of the 20th century (I think). Are there any records available for this period ? The surname I am looking for is Drabble.
    Thanks and happy New Year

    I will ask the Society Research team if they can help.

  28. Would it be possible to provide online only membership and the quarterly magazines online please? The East of London FHS does this for a reduced cost and is much better for those of us who live abroad. Thanks

    Thank you for your suggestion.This is a change which the Society will need to consider as part of future developments.

    Happy New Year


  29. Hello there,
    I am new to your site and not registered. I am trying to find out if there are any existing bastardy records for Almondbury. The year I am looking for is 1836.

    I could not send a message to any of your contacts on here, as nothing happened when I clicked several times.

    I hope that you can help me.

    Best wishes,

    Karen Stead

    Sorry about your difficulties with the contact page. I will look further into that problem.
    However, you might like to try the Society Forum with your enquiry about Almondbury Records.
    You can follow the ‘Forum’ link which can be found in the menu on the right hand side of the page.
    The Forum is free to use but you do need to register to post a message.
    Webmaster, Huddersfield & District FHS

  30. Please how do I change my email address, password and user name?
    Answered separately, RDG

  31. Yippee, well done! This might be just what all of us who are unable to make it to the Root Cellar,HDFHS meetings,or Huddersfield Library have been waiting for.There are bound to be teething problems with anything new, but I for one am grateful for anything that’s out there on line.

    I’m so impressed I’m going to re-join, after having let my membership lapse some years ago, because I didn’t feel the society had much to offer for those of us restricted to only being able to participate on line.

    Keep up the good work, regards, Sally Webster nee Kaye

  32. Hi Roger,

    If I do a search, on say Shelley, the results come back in reverse date order? Is it possible to sort them in title order, so that, for example, the 1841 and 1851 census titles appear adjacent, and that the churches appear in alphabetical order?

    I will have a look at that.

    An interesting issue. I assume that by ‘search’ you are referring to the ‘search’ box at the top of the Right Hand Side Bar on most pages. Having tried a few searches and checked with the input data I have concluded that, in the search output, publications (stored in the ‘commerce’ section of the web site) are listed in stock control unit (SKU) order. The SKU is copied from the ID used in the Society Product List and thus is included in publication orders etc. Using the publications menu produces a slightly more logical list. I do not see any opportunity to change this facility at the moment.

  33. Thank you John,
    Your Kirkburton Churchyard website is great – much useful information for family history researchers.

  34. Recent visitors have told us you are unaware of the website created by David Williamson of Dymock Gloucestershire.
    Please look at it, especialy the WW1 page which is nearly complete where he has researched more information about those remembered in Kirkburton Churchyard.

  35. Roger – I think the new website is great, easy to navigate and much more modern looking. Having been a ‘proof reader’ as part of my job I am a little pedantic (as you already know!) about spelling and typos and so I am sending a few minor amendments to you separately. There has very obviously been an awful lot of hard work gone into this, thank you.

  36. This is where comments will appear for all to see – except any that are moderated due to the nature of the content! There is no need to log in but please use a recognisable name so that we can continue the discussion in order to improve the web site.

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