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TitleAuthorSectionNumberISBNPublisherYearReferenceReserve Book
Atlas & Index of Parish Registers Parish Registers03.001
Parish Registers – Some Notable DatesC CranstonParish Registers03.0022011
Dade Parish Registers (F)Parish Registers03.003
The Parish ChestTate W EParish Registers03.004850335078CUP1983CC
Handy Book of Parish LawHoldsworth W AParish Registers03.0051 898714 13 4Wiltshire FHS1995
National Index of Parish Registers for Yorkshire West RidingParish Registers03.006
Parish Registers – A History and GuideRaymond S AParish Registers03.007978 1 906280 17 8FH Partnership2009
Parishes in Boyds Marriage IndexParish Registers03.008
Records of the Church of England 2nd Edition Bourne S & Chicken A HParish Registers03.0090 9510678 851991
Recorded Monumental Inscriptions Where to Find in Yorkshire (F)Parish Registers03.010
Yorkshire Parish Registers – Whereabouts Blanshard CParish Registers03.0110 9532029 0 91998
Maps of Catholic Parishes – England Wales Scotland (F)Parish Registers03.012
Guide for Family Historians Parish Nonconformist and other Records (Yorks)James DParish Registers03.013WYAS1992
A Latin Glossary for Family and Local HistoriansMorris JParish Registers03.0149781906280185The Family History Partnership2009
A Simple Latin Glossary for Family HistoriansMcLaughlin EParish Registers03.014FFHS1994
Dictionary of Parish registers Indeed in IrelandParish Registers03.015IFHS1997
Yorkshire Parish Registers Monumental Inscriptions and WillsRaymond SAParish Registers03.0161 86006 113 5FFHS2000
Pavers- Marriage Licences (Index to) 1567-1630 vol 2 Parish Registers03.017
Parish Registers – A McLaughlin GuideMcLaughlin EParish Registers03.0180 907099 78 5FFHS1988
The Parishes & Registers of ScotlandParish Registers03.0191874722056SAFHS1993CC
An Introduction to Church RegistersGibbens LParish Registers03.0201 872094 79 1FFHS1994
Population Studies from Parish RecordsDrake MParish Registers03.0210 9503951 7 XOU1982
Rayment's Notes on Recording Monumental Inscriptions 4th EditionPattison PParish Registers03.0231 872094 47 3 FFHS1992
North Yorkshire Parish Registers Guide 5Parish Registers03.024NYCRO1995
North Yorkshire Gazetteer of Townships and Parishes Guide 6Parish Registers03.024NYCRO1995
North Yorkshire Non-Conformist Church Chapel Registers Mis Guide 7Parish Registers03.024NYCRO1995
North Yorkshire Census Returns Land Tax Returns Tithe Apps Enclosure Awards Guide 2Parish Registers03.024NYCRO1995
Paver's Marriage Licences 1567 – 1630Parish Registers03.024
Guide for Family Historians Parish Nonconformist and other Records (Yorks)Parish Registers03.025WYAS
Almondbury Marriages 1739-1763 (F)Parish Registers03.027
Annals of the Church in Almondbury 1882 Canon HulbertParish Registers03.028
Almondbury Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions No 2Parish Registers03.029
Almondbury Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions ( ring binder)Burhouse GParish Registers03.029Singing Bird Publications1998
Almondbury Parish Register Vol 1 1557-1598Parish Registers03.030
Almondbury Parish Register Vol 1 1557-1598Parish Registers03.030
Almondbury Parish Register Vol 1 1598-1652Parish Registers03.310
Almondbury Parish Register Vol 1 1598-1652Parish Registers03.031
Almondbury Parish Register Vol 2 1653-1682Parish Registers03.032
Almondbury Parish Register Vol 2 1653-1682Parish Registers03.032
Almondbury Parish Registers 1683-1703Parish Registers03.033
Arksey Parish Register Vol 1 1557-1735Parish Registers03.034
Arksey Parish Register Vol 2 1736-1837Parish Registers03.035
Axholme Isle of Axholme Methodist Baptisms Abbott-DysonParish Registers03.036
Axholme Isle of Axholme Methodist Baptisms Laceby-RytherParish Registers03.037
Batley & Birstall 'Heart of Stone' Guided Tour CDParish Registers03.039
Batley All Saints - Transcripts bmbur 1559-1621Parish Registers03.039
Batley All Saints - Transcripts bmbur 1621-1683Parish Registers03.040
Victims of Disaster Batley Cemetery Walk No 3Haigh MParish Registers03.041
Batley All Saints - Transcripts bmbur 1684-1730Parish Registers03.041
Batley Parish Marriages 1754 - 1773 (F)Parish Registers03.042
Bawtry Burial Index 1684-1901 A-KParish Registers03.043
Bawtry Burial Index 1684-1901 L-YParish Registers03.044
Beverley – Parish Register of Beverley St. Mary 1637-1689 (YAS)Parish Registers03.045
Beverley St Mary’s Parish Register 1561-1621Parish Registers03.046
Birstall - Parish Register of Birstall 1724-1759 (YAS)Parish Registers03.047
Birstall Parish Registers Vol 1 1558-1635Parish Registers03.048
Birstall Parish Registers Vol 2 1636-1687Parish Registers03.049
Birstall Weslyan Chapel Burial Index 1837-1954Parish Registers03.049
Bradford Gt. Horton Methodist Church Bradford Burial Ground Records 1866-1952Parish Registers03.050
Bradford Gt. Horton Weslyan Chapel Burials 1833- 1845Parish Registers03.051
Bradford Gt. Horton Methodist Church Bradford Burial Ground Records 1815-1860Parish Registers03.051
Brandsburton Parish Register 1558-1837Parish Registers03.052
Bulmer Parish Register 1571-1837Parish Registers03.053
Collingham Parish Register 1579-1837 not numberedParish Registers03.054
Crowle St Oswald’s Marriages 1754-1812 Parish Registers03.057
Crowle St. Oswald – Baptisms 1726-1812Parish Registers03.059
Crowle St. Oswald’s – Burials 1726-1812Parish Registers03.060
Crowle St. Oswald’s – Burials 1813-1872Parish Registers03.061
Crowle. St. Oswald – Baptisms 1813-1852Parish Registers03.062
Darfield Burial Index 1808 – 1900 A-FParish Registers03.063
Dewsbury Parish Register July 1539 and 1540 transcribed by Terry Peaker (F)Parish Registers03.064
Dewsbury Burials 1813-22/Holy Trinity Baptisms 1841-66 Parish Registers03.064
Dewsbury Marriages 1813-1837 A -KParish Registers03.065
Dewsbury Marriages 1813-1837 A-JParish Registers03.065
Doncaster Archdeaconry – Index of SurnamesParish Registers03.066
Doncaster Christ Church Burial Index 1847 – 1958 A-KParish Registers03.067
Doncaster Marriage Index 1750 – 1799 “C”Parish Registers03.068
Doncaster Marriages (Archdeaconry) 1800-1837Parish Registers03.069
Doncaster Marriage Index 1800 – 1837 “C”Parish Registers03.070
Doncaster Parish Registers (F)Parish Registers03.071
Earlsheaton Burials 1827 OnwardsParish Registers03.072
Easingwold Raskelf Myton upon Swale Parish Register 1813-1837Parish Registers03.073
Elland Congregational Memorial Inscriptions (F)Parish Registers03.074
Elland Jepson Lane Baptist Memorial Inscriptions (F)Parish Registers03.075
Everingham Seaton Ross & Harswell Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.076
Flamborough Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.077
Golcar St Johns Church Marriages 1865 – 1900Parish Registers03.078
Giggleswick – Parish Register of Giggleswick Volume 3 1770-1837 (YAS)Parish Registers03.078
Guisborough St Nicholas Monumental Inscriptions Cleveland Parish Registers03.079
Haworth Hall Green and West Lane Methodist Church MisParish Registers03.081
Haworth West Lane Methodist Church BurialsParish Registers03.082
Haworth West Lane Methodist Church Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.083
Hepworth Holy Trinity Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.084
Heslington Parish Register 1639-1837Parish Registers03.085
Holmbridge St David's Church 1840 – 1900Parish Registers03.086
Hinchliffe Mill Wesleyan – Butterworth Family GravesAshworth J & Stone JParish Registers03.0861999
Holmfirth Church Pew Plan 1639-1640 (F)Parish Registers03.087
Holmfirth Lane Independent Baptisms 1779-1837Parish Registers03.088
Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel Baptisms 1792-1837Parish Registers03.089
Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel Tombstone Inscriptions (F)Parish Registers03.089
Holywell Greet United Reford – MI’sParish Registers03.090
Honley Cemetery Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.091
Honley – Burials Baptisms from Honley Registers for Taylor (F)Parish Registers03.091
Honley extracts from Almondbury PRs – 1557-1598Parish Registers03.091
Honley extracts from Almondbury PRs – 1598-1652Parish Registers03.092
Honley extracts from Almondbury PRs – 1653-1682Parish Registers03.093
Honley extracts from Almondbury PRs – 1683-1703Parish Registers03.094
Honley Independent Chapel Burial & Grave Book 1843-1913 (F)Parish Registers03.095
Honley Methodist Church Baptisms 1819-1837Parish Registers03.096
Honley Moor Bottom Chapel Baptisms 1795 – 1837Parish Registers03.097
Honley Settlement Certificates – extracted from Town Book (F)Parish Registers03.098
Honley Baptisms 1703-1739 (F)Parish Registers03.098photocopy
Howden Baptisms – 1659-1703Parish Registers03.099
Huddersfield Queen’s Street Mission – Tales from the Crypt (F)Parish Registers03.100
Huddersfield – Burials of Sykes/Sikes in Huddersfield Parish Church (F) Parish Registers03.101
Huddersfield St Peters Marriages 1754-1837 in 10 volsParish Registers03.101
Huddersfield St. Andrews Leeds Road Memorial Inscriptions (F)Parish Registers03.102
Huddersfield St. Paul’s Burial IndexParish Registers03.103
Kirkburton Parish Register 1686-1837Parish Registers03.105
Kirkburton – Memorial Inscriptions Parish Registers03.106
Kirkheaton Church Memorial Inscriptions part 1Parish Registers03.107
Kirkheaton Church Memorial Inscriptions part 2Parish Registers03.108
Kirklees – Plans of Kirklees Cemeteries.Parish Registers03.109
Ledsham Parish Records Volume 2 - 1754-1837Webster C DParish Registers03.1101 9035 6460 3Privately printed2006
Lindley Zion Graveyard Memorial Inscriptions (F)Parish Registers03.112
Lindley St Stephen Marriages 1858-1870 A-KParish Registers03.113
Linthwaite Church Marriages 1838 -1859Parish Registers03.113
Lindley St Stephen Marriages 1858-1870 K-ZParish Registers03.113
Longwood Wesleyan InscriptionsSpindler J Whitman SParish Registers03.114
Longwood St Mark's Church Cemetery Records and Graveyard Plan (F)Parish Registers03.114
Lockwood Parish Register Baptisms & Burials 1830-80 Parish Registers03.114
Marsden – St Bartholomew's Church Graveyard Plans photos short history of church (F)Parish Registers03.115
Marsden – St Bartholomew's Church Monumental InscriptionsParish Registers03.115
Masham Parish Register 1599-1716Parish Registers03.116
Marsden Congregational Church Burial RecordsBeaumont L (Rev)Parish Registers03.117
Masham Parish Register 1717-1800Parish Registers03.118
Masham Parish Register 1801-1837Parish Registers03.119
Mexborough Burial Index 1559-1927Parish Registers03.121
Milnsbridge Baptist Chapel Graveyard Plan MIs no index (F)Parish Registers03.122
Milnsbridge Parish Church Grave Listing (F)Graveyard Plan IndexParish Registers03.122
Netherthong All Saints Burials 1830-1885Parish Registers03.123
Netherthong All Saints Burials 1886-1885 Parish Registers03.124
Netherthong All Saints Burials 1886-1939Parish Registers03.125
National Index of Parish Registers for Yorkshire West RidingNACRO HuddersfieldParish Registers03.126?
Netherthong All Saints Burials 1939-1984Parish Registers03.126
Netherthong All Saints Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.127
Netherton St Andrews's Church Christenings 1881 -1902Parish Registers03.128
Penistone Parish MarriagesParish Registers03.129
Rishworth Roadside Baptist Church Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.130
Saddleworth – Lower Graveyard Plan (F)Parish Registers03.131with Saddleworth
Saddleworth Graveyard PlansParish Registers03.131
Scruton Parish Register 1571-1837Parish Registers03.132
Shepley Graveyard PlanParish Registers03.133
Slaithwaite Provident Baptist Church Dedications 1821-77Parish Registers03.134
Soyland Halifax Stones Methodist Church Memorial InscriptionsParish Registers03.136
Stanley St. Peters Burials 1824 – 1852Parish Registers03.137
Stanley St. Peters Burials 1852 – 1874 A-JParish Registers03.138
Stanley St. Peters Burials 1852 – 1874 K-ZParish Registers03.139
Thornhill Marriages 1813-1837 A and BParish Registers03.140
Thurnscoe Burial IndexParish Registers03.141
Tickhill Parish Register Vol 2 1674-1771Parish Registers03.142
Wadworth Burial Index A-L 1575-1902Parish Registers03.143
Wakefield St James Parish Church Thornes Burials 1831-1864Parish Registers03.144
Wakefield St James Parish Church Thornes Burials 1864- 1906Parish Registers03.144
Wakefield St James Parish Church Thornes Burials 1906 -1923Parish Registers03.144
Wakefield St James Parish Church Thornes Burials 1824 – 1943Parish Registers03.144
Wakefield St James Parish Church Thornes Burials 1943 – 1956Parish Registers03.144
Wakefield Cemeteries & CrematoriaParish Registers03.144
Thornhill Street Burial Ground WakefieldParish Registers03.145
West Riding Registry of Deeds Transcripts (PR & Noncon) (F)Parish Registers03.146
WYAS Collections Guide 1 Parish Registers(F)Parish Registers03.147
WYAS Collections Huddersfield Non – Conformity(F)Parish Registers03.148
Scammonden with Deanhead Christenings 1746-1797Whitwam SParish Registers03.149
Scammonden with Deanhead Burials 1746-1812Whitwam SParish Registers03.150
Scammonden with Deanhead Baptisms 1798-1812Whitwam SParish Registers03.151
The Parsh Register of St John the Baptist Penistone 1643-1679Parish Registers03.152
The Parsh Register of St John the Baptist Penistone 1680-1713Parish Registers03.153
Butterworth Family Graves Hinchliffe Mill Wesleyan Chapel Burial GroundAshworth J & Stone JParish Registers03.153
Methley St Oswald Marriage Index 1813-1837 (F)Parish Registers03.153
The Parsh Register of St John the Baptist Penistone 1714-1746Parish Registers03.154
Parish Registers Penistone (CD)digital archiveParish Registers03.154Parkhurst B2015
Slaithwaite Burial Ground PlansParish Registers03.155photocopy
Tickhilll Parish register Vol 3 1771-1837Parish Registers03.157
Berry Brow Xhapels Non- Conformist Records (F)Parish Registers03.156photocopy
Newsome- Plan of Newsome Church Burial Ground 1872-1934 (no index) (F)Parish Registers03.158
Cumberworth – St Nicholas Parish Church Graveyard Plan photos short history of church no index (F)Parish Registers03.1591998
Bradley – St Thomas's Church Graveyard Plan photos no index (F)Parish Registers03.160
Warmfield (Kirkthorpe) St Peter's Parish Church Baptisms 1843-1868holdsworth W AParish Registers03.167
Rillington and Scampston Parish RegistersYASParish Registers03.1689781903564967
Purlwell Wesleyan Chapel Unveiling War MemorialsParish Registers03.168photocopy (F)1922
Laying out a Pedigree (F)McLaughlinPedigrees & Family Trees08.0020 907099 88 2FFHS
Dugdale's Visitation of YorkshireClay JWPedigrees & Family Trees08.004
Pedigrees of Various Families Pedigrees & Family Trees08.007
Encyclopedia of SurnamesAyto JPedigrees & Family Trees08.0089780713681444A&C BlackLtd London2007
Surnames DNA & Family HistoryRedmonds G Hey DPedigrees & Family Trees08.0099780199582648OUP
Dictionary of Yorkshire Surnames REFRedmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.0101 90773043
Names and Hstory People Places and ThingsRedmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.011185285426XHambledon and London2004
Family Names and Family HistoryHey DPedigrees & Family Trees08.0121 85285 255 0Hanbledon and London2000
Penguin Dictionary of SurnamesCottle BPedigrees & Family Trees08.0130 14 051032 XPenguin
Surnames & Genealogy – A New Approach Redmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.0141 86006 159 1New England HG Society
Book of Surnames Verstappen PPedigrees & Family Trees08.0150 7207 12750Pelham Books
Surnames & Genealogy – A New Approach Redmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.0161 86006 159 1New England HG Society
Surname Detectives Rogers C D MUP 1995Rogers C DPedigrees & Family Trees08.0170 7190 4048 5MUP
Oxford Names CompanionHanks PPedigrees & Family Trees08.0190 19 860561 7OUP
The Wordsworth Dictionary of SurnamesFreedman TPedigrees & Family Trees08.0201 85526 380 XWordsworth Editions Ltd
How You Got Your Name. Pedigrees & Family Trees08.021Hughes James Phoenix House
Pedigrees & Family Trees08.021
Guild of One-Name Studies 2008 (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.022978 1 903463 11 6Guild of One Name Studies
First Name Variants 3rd Ed Bardsley APedigrees & Family Trees08.0231 86006 177 XFFHS
Surnames Around Huddersfield Redmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.024Regent Printers Ltd
Yorkshire Surnames Halifax & DistrictRedmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.0250 9508526 8 6
Yorkshire Surnames Bradford & District Redmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.026
Yorkshire Surnames in Huddersfield & DistrictRedmonds GPedigrees & Family Trees08.0270 9508526 6 X
Yorkshire List of NamesRaymond SPedigrees & Family Trees08.0281 86006 120 6FFHS
West Riding Words A selection from ”Dialect of the Huddersfield District”Haigh W EPedigrees & Family Trees08.029
West Riding Words A selection from ”Dialect of the Huddersfield District” Intro George RedmondsHaigh W EPedigrees & Family Trees08.030Colne Valey Museum Publications2014
WYAS Huddersfield Family and Estate Records (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.031
The Concise Dictionary of National Biography Vol 1 A-F REFPedigrees & Family Trees08.032OUP
The Concise Dictionary of National Biography Vol 1 G-M REFPedigrees & Family Trees08.033OUP
The Concise Dictionary of National Biography Vol 1 N-Z REFPedigrees & Family Trees08.034OUP
The International Who's Who 1985-86Pedigrees & Family Trees08.0350 946653 07 0Europa Publications
People of Today 1994Debrett'sPedigrees & Family Trees08.0361 870520 19 X
Whittaker's Almanac 2007Pedigrees & Family Trees08.0370 7136 7659 0SA & C Black Publisher's Ltd
Who's Who 1984Pedigrees & Family Trees08.0380 7136 2385 3Adam & Charles Black London
A Yorkshire Family Genealogy Family Trees from Yorkshire Knowles PPedigrees & Family Trees08.0469781447775379Halbert's Family Heritage
Atkinson & Schofield Family Tree Upper Holme Valley (2CDs)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.0472015
Barber -John Barber of HolmePedigrees & Family Trees08.048
Bamford Joseph of Golcar 1828-1999Pedigrees & Family Trees08.049
Battye- Some Family Records (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.050
Brearey/Breary Surnames from St. Catherine Indexes – Births (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.051
Brearley - Research & Family Group sheets of Betty Brearley Dyson Oldfield France Price (F)Brearley BPedigrees & Family Trees08.052
Brearey/Breary Surnames from St. Catherine Indexes – Marriages (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.052
Broadhead – The Family of Broadhead and Shaw of Hepworth (F) REFPedigrees & Family Trees08.053
Eastwood John Born Honley 1799 – Decendants (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.054
Heap Family of Kirkburton - CD Pedigrees & Family Trees08.055
Hirst – George Walker Hirst – Life & Ancestry (F) 2 copies (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.056
Hirst – George Walker Hirst – Life & Ancestry (F) 2 copies Pedigrees & Family Trees08.056
Ingham – James Ingham – a Biography & Various Notes (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.057
Jacksons of Skelmanthorpe (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.058
Surnames Scott Ellis Exley from Dewsbury BT’s 1821 1838 (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.059
Wrigley/Willans Family (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.060
Holdsworths – World Book ofPedigrees & Family Trees08.061Halbert's Family Heritage
Askey/Kaye – Extracts from Family Bible (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.062
Haigh Family Tree of Kirkburton Charlesworth TPedigrees & Family Trees08.062
Barker – A Snapshot of John & Mary Ellen Barker of RavensthorpeBarker S JPedigrees & Family Trees08.063
Re- Remembering Rebecca Again Barkers of MirfieldBarker S JPedigrees & Family Trees08.065
Barkers of Mirfield - “Re-membering Rebecca” update Sept 2012Pedigrees & Family Trees08.065
Battye Families in the Graveship of Holme Pedigrees & Family Trees08.066
Lord's Mill Honley- The BeaumontsGreen SPedigrees & Family Trees08.066
Beaumont- Family History of Beaumont Family South Crosland & Whitley Beaumont Lascelles HallDonated 21.11.16Pedigrees & Family Trees08.066
Beevor Story Carter APedigrees & Family Trees08.067873495 01 3Anne Carter
Berry – The Scammonden -Rishworth -Soyland branch of the Berry TreeBrown KPedigrees & Family Trees08.0682002
Berry of Scammonden and Almondbury 1003-2003 wrong number 08.080 2 copiesBerry KPedigrees & Family Trees08.068
Berry ReduxBerry BPedigrees & Family Trees08.069
Berry RootsBerry B J LPedigrees & Family Trees08.070Anundsen Publishing Co
Berry/Wrigley -Godfrey Berry and Thomas WrigleyGriffiths DPedigrees & Family Trees08.071
Bowers – Of Millhands & Miners Families of Jane Johnson Bowers (1846 – 1916)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.073
Broadbent Family TreePedigrees & Family Trees08.074
Brooke – Pedigrees of Brooke and Related Families (R)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.078
History on Your DoorstepDawson W NHistory Of Places11.001Halstead Publications1973
Brooke Family of Yorkshire & PennsylvaniaBrooke WPedigrees & Family Trees08.079Anundsen Publishing Co
Local History Handbook for BeginnersRiden PHistory Of Places11.001713438711BT Batsford Ltd1989
Brooke Jack – Biographical Details Dewsbury (F)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.080
Book of British VillagesHistory Of Places11.002Drive Publications1980
Brooke family Honley newspaper articlePedigrees & Family Trees08.080
Records of Parliament – A Guide for Genealogists & Local Historians Bond MOther Records05.001Phillimore & Co Ltd1964
AA Guide to British Towns & AA Guide to British Villages History Of Places11.002Drive Publications1979
Buckthorp Family Tree folderPedigrees & Family Trees08.081
Admin Records for Yorkshire GenealogistsRaymond SOther Records05.0021 86006 121 4FFHS2000
Country Town & Villages of Britain History Of Places11.003Drive Publications1985
Charlesworth Family TreePedigrees & Family Trees08.083
almondbury Manor Court Rolls Part 2 1641-1660Hurst P (ed)Other Records05.003self published2013
The Village AtlasHistory Of Places11.0031855400251The Alderman Press1990
Cocker Connection Dalby MPedigrees & Family Trees08.0840 7212 0784 7Regency press
Almondbury Manor Court Rolls Part 3 1660-1690Hurst P (ed)Other Records05.003self published2015
Crosland Family Tree (F) REF large brown sheetPedigrees & Family Trees08.085
Almondbury Manor Court Rolls Part 1 1627-41Hurst P (ed)Other Records05.003self published2009
Yorkshire BuildingsHistory Of Places11.005Yorks Vernalclar Buidings St. Group2001
Crosslands of WorrallCrossland ALPedigrees & Family Trees08.085
Hearth Tax 2nd EditionHurst P (ed)Other Records05.003self published2016
The Making of the West Yorkshire LandscapeSilson AHistory Of Places11.0061 903425 31 XWharncliffe Books2003
Barber -John Barber of HolmePedigrees & Family Trees08.086
ST Catherine's House DistrictsWiggins J ROther Records05.004Wiggins JR
Firth – John Firth of AustonleyPedigrees & Family Trees08.086
Index to Census Registration Districts 1841-1891Rosier MEBOther Records05.0050 9515909 2 8FFHS1993
West Yorkshire 'A Noble Scene of Industry' The Development of the County 1500 -1830Thornes RCHistory Of Places11.0071 870453026WY Archaeology Service1987
Hirst – George Red Memo Book of and CDPedigrees & Family Trees08.086
Registration DistrictsWiggins ROther Records05.0051 903462 50 9Society of Genealogists2001
Crutchlow – The Descendants of Richard CrutchlowPedigrees & Family Trees08.086
Local Census Listing – 1522-1930 3rd EditionGibson J & Medlycott MOther Records05.0061 86006 052 8FFHS1994
Places Names of the West Riding of YorkshireSmith AHHistory Of Places11.008CUP1961
Horne family of KirkburtonPedigrees & Family Trees08.086
British Civil Registration 2nd EditionWood TOther Records05.0071 86006 116 8FFHS2000
Kirkheaton & District Place NamesRedmonds GHistory Of Places11.0082005
Crowther John George Ben Enclosure maps and will information 1832 1828photocopyPedigrees & Family Trees08.087
Marriage and Census Indexes 8th EditionGibson J & Hampson EOther Records05.0131 86006 124 9FFHS2000
Huddersfield - Place Names ofRedmonds GHistory Of Places11.008David Shore2008
Dalton – Memoranda & Letters of C W Dalton of DeadmanstonePedigrees & Family Trees08.088
Bishops Transcripts & Marriage Licences 5th EditionGibson JOther Records05.0141 86006 053 6FFHS1997
Chapelthorpe Parish & Heritage Trail 1854Redmonds GHistory Of Places11.008950852678Printshop1994
Darlington – Memoirs of Daisy Darlington (Born Meltham Hall Huddersfield 1888)Pedigrees & Family Trees08.089
Electoral Registers 1832-1948 and Burgess RollsGibson JOther Records05.015978 1 906280 08 6The Family History Partnership2008
Holmfirth Place- names and SettlementRedmonds GHistory Of Places11.008950852678Printshop1994
Duckenfield/Duckinfield Yorkshire Puddings and Lancashire HotpotsHarvey ALPedigrees & Family Trees08.090
Tudor & Stuart Muster RollsGibson J & Dell AOther Records05.0161 872094 01 5FFHS1989
Tracing the History of VillagesYorke THistory Of Places11.0091 85306 712 1Trevor Yorke2001
Duggan (O’Dubhagain) Family of Ireland Duggan VPedigrees & Family Trees08.091978 0646513690National Library of Australia
Poll Books 4th Edition 1696 -1872Gibson J & Rogers COther Records05.018978 1 906280 09 3The Family History Partnership2008
Rural Britain Then and NowHunt RHistory Of Places11.0099780753719534Bounty Books2009
Elam Family Quaker Merchants of England & America Neill N CPedigrees & Family Trees08.0920 9522495 4 5Norma C Neill
Protestations Returns 1641 1642Gibson J & Dell AOther Records05.0201 86006 006 4FFHS1995
Secret People – English Village Life after 1750Martin E WHistory Of Places11.010Phoenix House Ltd1954
Gibson – Gibson meets HornbyGibson APedigrees & Family Trees08.093Gibson A
Protestation Oath1641 – Austonley (F)Other Records05.020
Yorkshire – Georgian Yorkshire (YF)History Of Places11.011
James Fearnley Cleckheaton newspaper articlePedigrees & Family Trees08.093
Protestation Oath1641 – CartworthOther Records05.020
Sam Thropp’s Dialect Annual 1960 (YF)History Of Places11.012
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The County Maps of Old EnglandMoule T Maps13.040REF in a new tab)