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We have an extensive stock of donated and
purchased resources on family history topics with both lending and reference materials.

The Catalogue
The library list can be searched online by clicking on the link at the bottom of the contents menu. This is a large .pdf file and may take a few seconds to load. The file can be searched by using your browser's search facility. Should you prefer a printed copy of the Catalogue this can be obtained from The Root Cellar either in person, by email or by post, (check first for postal costs). The Catalogue topics are shown in the adjacent menu.

Reference Materials
The Library contains a many resources that may only be used at The Root Cellar. Amongst these are a large number of Pedigrees and Family Trees many of which have been donated, large maps, and a number of books that, due to their age and rarity, can only be viewed on the premises. If you are traveling to view these items, it may be advisable to contact the Root Cellar in advance to check availability. These older volumes can provide a unique insight into the history of the area, many of which have been written in the Nineteenth Century by local people.
Unfortunately the online catalogue does not identify these "Reference Only" resources. However the Librarian will advise if selected sections can be copied and sent by post or email. (Copyright permitting).

Exchange Journals
We exchange journals with other Societies both in the UK and abroad. If you are researching other localities, it may be worthwhile consulting our exchange journals, which may be borrowed by arrangement.

Borrowing Resources
Members may borrow up to three resources in person for up to one month, and up to five weeks by post.
Personal Loans Having selected the materials you would like to borrow, a Root Cellar Volunteer will deal with their issue.
Postal Loans Materials may be requested by phone, post (Root Cellar address below) or email: email to the Librarian

Borrowers are asked to pay the return postage for materials and will be advised of costs when the loan is requested.

Look up Service
As part of the membership, there is a Library look up service available for those who may not be able to get to The Root Cellar, and who require background information for their research. Charges for this service are the same as the Research Service. Please contact the Librarian for details.
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