Login & Password queries

The majority of this web site is public and freely accessible without any need to login or create passwords. However, historically, the web site has developed by making best use of applications that have been available over several years. The requirements of this 'main' site and the additional 'stand alone' applications has led to several places where login/passwords are required. The current policy is to aim for a single integrated web site but that will take some time to achieve.

Login is necessary  when:

  • Buying or renewing Membership of the Society
  • Purchasing Publications
  • Visiting the Forum
  • Visiting the Members Area
  • Signing up for occasional emails from the Society.

Membership Records

Membership records are kept in an independent database by the Membership Secretary. However, details of memberships bought/renewed via the web site are first recorded on the web site and then checked against the separate database.

Initially the process of purchasing/renewing membership requires Registration to create a personal account in this, the main, web site and then logging in to your account and using the PayPal application to make your purchase. After registration your User ID and Password will be required to log in.

Purchasing Publications - First purchase

When selecting 'checkout' to complete a purchase you are asked to provide sufficient details to be enable your order to be processed and delivered. During this transaction you have an option to select an alternative delivery address if appropriate.
There is also an option to 'Create an account' with a password. This will mean that your details are maintained in the system as a customer,  thus removing the need to enter your details again should you return to make any further purchase.
N.B: The Society does not pass your information to any third party nor does it hold any financial information that is entered into the PayPal application when completing a purchase..

Purchasing Publications - Subsequent Purchases

When selecting 'checkout' to complete a purchase you are invited to select 'Returning customer' and login so that details entered when an account was created are retrieved and don't have to be entered again.
Your personal and order details can also be checked and edited at any time by selecting 'My Account' in the Right Hand Sidebar Menu on any page.

Visiting the Forum

The Forum is a stand alone application that is open to all to view and follow the discussions there. However, before one can post a message it is necessary to Register and create a User ID and Password. The register link is to be found at the top right hand corner of the Forum page.

The Members Area.

The Members Area is also a standalone application which requires registration and the issue of a password before the application can be visited.

To register for this service please visit the Members Area Password request page and enter your details. Your password will be issued by the Society after current membership has been confirmed.

Your Membership Number then serves as your User ID, to be used with that Password.

The Password request page also has a 'Forgotton Password' facility.

Occasional Emails from the Society

From time to time the Society sends out emails with information considered to be of interest to Family Historians. This facility is open to all and can be 'signed up for' by completing the short form found in the right hand sidebar of all the Society website pages. All emails sent out contain a link to enable recipients to 'Unsubscribe' at any time. Details can be edited by sending an email to the webmaster or simply by unsubscribing and signing up again.

Administrators Login Panel

The panel below is for the use of the Web Site Administrators and does not give access to any other User Facilities.

Admin page