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  1. brian lees

    you banked my cheque 26th november 2015 nothing from you since


    Enquiries will be made.


  2. Gordon Smith

    I have tried to access the Society site to start my research and have been refused access THREE TIMES. I have received the information pack containing my membership number and have filled in the on-screen form in order to request a password etc. — Nothing!! I am fed up. Gordon

  3. Gerald Senior

    When my latest mag arrived with it was a reminder to renew the membership fee. As I had just got home from a long trip I renewed it straightaway. Subsequently having checked my accounts I find that I have payed twice. The first time in July and then again in October. I accept that I was a silly boy to do the second payment but could you please reimburse mr=e. Thanj you.

  4. Eric Templeton

    This will not accept my credit card. Could I please send £100 in cash to buy these books. I know the cost is only £86 but you can keep the remaining money as a donation to the Society. You mentioned about me sending a Silver Cheque, but I have no idea how to acquire such a thing. I can get the £100 in British currency from my local bank. I hope you will accept this form of payment. Thankyou.
    Eric Templeton

  5. Eric Templeton

    I finished the process of purchasing 27 books, but it said my credit card is invalid. My credit card is VALID. I do not want to open a PAYPAL account. I really want these 27 books. Please advise.
    Eric Templeton

    Hello Eric
    We also really want to provide you with the books.
    As mentioned in my email to you all transactions are done through PayPal but it is not necessary to open a PayPal account. Their facility will accept credit cards without opening an account.
    I am afraid the validity of your card is a matter between yourself, PayPal and your card provider.

  6. Elizabeth Townley

    I just finished registering on your site.
    But am not able to access marriages at Slaithwaite Church, where my grandmother , Isabella Sykes was married on 30 August 1883 to Joseph Eli Quarmby.
    What am I doing wrong?

    If I was to purchase a CD, the UK ones do not work in the USA , any comments on that please?

    Hello Elizabeth
    Registering on the web site is currently a precurser to purchasing/renewing membership of the Society and does not give access to any other facilities.
    The Society has not yet transcribed the Marriage Register for Slaithwaite church. Should you wish to seek any further information then the Society operates a research service at https://www.hdfhs.org.uk/102-2/ where our volunteers may be able to help.
    As far as CDs are concerned, I have not heard of that problem before but I will investigate and see if I can find any further information.

  7. katherine parkin

    I am trying to register for a password to access members area but I do not know
    my membership number and can not see it on your confirmation emails to me.
    I joined the society on 19 July 2015.

    Thank you!
    Hi Katherine
    You will receive a Members Welcome Pack shortly which will contain your Membership Number. Unfortunately, at this time of year our Membership Secretary is dealing with a large number of Membership renewals as well as new Members joining so things are just taking that little bit longer.

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