Members Interests

What are Members Interests?

As the name suggests the Family History Society keeps a list of the names you have an interest in and are researching. All members are asked to provide the Society with an up to date list of the names they are researching.

When information is received by the Members' Interests Secretary the names will be put onto a database which is available for Members to search in the Members Area of the Society web site. The details are also sent to the Editor of the journal. The Editor will then add them to any others received and they will be published in the next edition.

By browsing this data Members will be able to contact other members who appear to be researching their common ancestors. This mutual assistance could be invaluable in breaking down brick walls.

The form below should be completed with as much information as you have and, on clicking submit, it will be sent to the Members’ Interests Secretary and also copied to the email address you have entered.

In order for the Members’ Interests system to work effectively it is necessary to include personal contact details as requested below. Your interests will be included on the Society’s web site (with your name, membership number and email address) and also published in the next edition of the Society’s Journal, together with your name, membership number, postal and email addresses. Data Protection Regulations require the Society to have specific permissions to publish these details.