Memorial Inscriptions Index

Your ancestor's details may well be included in a Monumental Inscription. The Society has published a number of booklets of Memorial Inscriptions for some locations and has more Inscriptions in the Society database. Data is being added to the table as it becomes available so please revisit occasionally.

To search for names, start to type a name in the search box and the table will adjust to show records which include your search term. E.g Enter 'Gill' to show all Gills in the table - several pages. Enter 'Gill Geo' to further filter the display by given name.

The Data Source column shows a link to the publication booklet containing full details of that record, or where the record has not yet been published, it will show 'Location (R)' indicating the details can be obtained by making a research request here.

Please allow a few seconds for the table to load.

NB: I have been made aware that this table does not load when using Internet Explorer as a browser. Work is going on to clear this problem. Meanwhile you will be able to access the table if you can use an alternative browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. RDG -webmaster.

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