Memorial Inscriptions are a valuable contribution to family history research. They can provide confirmation of family links which might otherwise remain vague.

The society has accumulated, from various sources, transcriptions of a number of sets of Memorial Inscriptions which need to be processed and published in order to make them widely available.

Currently in progress towards publication is the information, transcribed onto index cards some years ago, of memorial inscriptions from several graveyards around our area.

Opportunities are available for volunteers to be involved in a number of different tasks needed ensure publication of this material. Examples are:

  • Transcription of existing information into a form suitable for publishing. Usually from paper, scanned records or photgraphs into a computer spreadsheet.
  • Checking/proof reading the results
  • Checking transcriptions in a grave yard and helping to creating  an aid for researchers to find grave positions.
  • Compiling and editing the booklet for publication.
  • Start a new transcription project at a graveyard for which information has not yet been gathered. Using digital photography can be a very useful contribution.

Please get in touch, using the form below, to discuss opportunities for helping in this project: