MI Transcriptions for FMP

In order to make MI data available for submission to Find My Past it is necessary to update the transcription spreadsheet format. Below is an image of the spreadsheet that will be used.


Transcribers may find this version simpler to use since names are now clearly separated and do not require the punctuation separators used in the 2015/16 version.

The main changes required in this update are:

  • Names need to be separated and dates of birth and death (where available) associated with each name. Add the first name in the same row as the inscription and then additional names in successive rows.
  • Dates have simple numbers (th, nd etc not used) and months are shown by the first three letters Jan, Feb etc.
  • Missing information is shown by ? for each missing character (but may not be a precise number for missing sections of an inscription.  "............." A series of dots is not to be used.

Spreadsheets will be set up with all cells as "text". Numbers and dates are to be recorded as "text". The Inscription column will be set to "Automatic Word Wrap".
The society will, after transcription, process the data to add  any information which is repeated throughout the spreadsheet including Inscriptions against all names and also place details.

Both FMP submissions and booklets will be produced using this transcription data.

FMP data submissions

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