Proof Reading

Proof Reading and Checking

Memorial Inscriptions Transcriptions

Original material

In order to check against the original source that the transcription was produced from, checkers will have either, that original material, or a scanned copy (in PDF format) sent as an email attachment.

Printed copy

A printed 'proof' copy of the Memorial Inscription booklet as well as a copy of the extracted names and dates list will be provided.

The data spreadsheet

Access to edit the file in Google Drive will be provided. Transcribers do not need to have a Google Account to access the file.

Extract from a spreadsheet showing how names anad dates are extracted:

There are two addition columns for Notes and Grave Type which are self explanatory.


The checking process

The printed copy of the Inscription needs to be checked against the original material/scan and any errors identified.Similarly the extracted names and dates need to checked for accuracy.

Errors can be marked on the printed copy and if possible corrected in the Google Drive spreadsheet.

Final Editing

Any paper copies can be returned to the Root Cellar, FAO Roger Gill.

The spreadsheet will be downloaded and the data processed to produce:

  • The booklets for publication
  • Files for loading to the Society systems so the data can be used in searches at the Root Cellar
  • Files produced for submission to Find My Past so the data is available to researchers worldwide. The Society receives small loyalty payments for providing this data to FMP.