The Society Root Cellar Collection

1841 and 1851 census transcripts for our area.

 1881 Census for England and Wales (on microfiche and CD rom)

1891 Census for Yorkshire on CD Rom.

1891 Census for Lancashire on CD Rom.

1901 Census for our area on microfiche.

1880 USA Census on CD Rom.

A growing collection of Parish Records for our area on microfiche.

The GENDEX database (an index of all transcriptions produced by the society).

The Oracle database( Still under construction but containing a growing proportion of the Society Parish Register transcriptions).

The National Burials Index.

Edgerton Cemetery Records.

1992 IGI for the British Isles.

Probate calendars from 1858 to 1943 on microfiche.

Exchange journals from other societies.

Soldiers who Died in the Great War on CD Rom.

The Army Roll of Honour (WW11) on CD Rom.