On this page you can make an appointment to visit the Root Cellar in order to further your Family History Research.

Root Cellar Limitations

  • Please note that, due to limited space in the Root Cellar, we will not be able to accept visitors accompanied by a friend/relative who is not undertaking research. If a partner or friend wishes to attend to research they will also need to book a time slot as well.
  • We are not able to provide drinks, but visitors can bring their own bottles of water.

To make an appointment:

  • Click on your chosen day
  • Available time slots will then be shown within the calendar (one per day except Wednesdays when there are two sessions (All slots are for the full 2.5 hour session)
  • (Each time slot will accept 4 bookings)
  • Click your selected time slot - you may need to scroll the list for 'am' time slots.
  • Enter your details so that we know who to expect.
  • Please check, and make a note of your appointment details, before clicking submit. Regrettably confirmation emails are not currently available.
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