This page gives an idea of what we would expect from potential helpers

at the Root Cellar ….

Are you of an outgoing disposition and able to make immediate contact with strangers and friends alike?

    • Yes - that would be a quality, perhaps a position at the reception desk
  • No - that’s fine there is still a need for the quieter, studious member.

Have you got an interest in Family History generally?

  • Yes - that is a requirement high on the list.

  • No - it has to be remembered that each visitor wanting information will have details for their family and will expect a quick understanding of all their scraps of paper and a willingness to listen to their family tales … of Uncle Fred’s or Auntie Ethel’s escapades.

Do you have computer skills?

  • Yes - that is brilliant

  • No - would you be prepared to learn?

The computer is central to much of our research as far as the casual visitor is concerned. The Society pays large subscriptions in order that the members can have the benefit of Ancestry and FindMyPast for the price of their yearly membership subscription. The ability to navigate these sites is important but training would be given.

Do you have knowledge of the local area?

  • Yes - this helps members who might be visiting from Australia or America, and yes we do get members from so far away.

  • No - have you a specialist skill that you think might be useful to our members e.g. knowledge of military history, information from wills, social history, all of which helps when putting flesh on the bones of family trees.

Whilst most volunteers have a fixed day where they meet their other volunteer friends there is also a need for a list of volunteers who would be happy to be on call on an ad hoc basis, just if required. Most days there are three volunteers so it is possible for one to take the day off without letting anyone down. Once on a permanent day the Society appreciates it if volunteers let others know if the shift cannot be covered.

Do you fit the bill?

If so please just turn up to Society occasional Open Afternoons where you will be more than welcome. At other times please call in at the Root Cellar and mention your interest to the volunteers on duty or complete brief details in the form below for someone to contact you and discuss opportunities.

Interested? Please click here to contact the Society about your interest.