Volunteer Opportunities as  Transcribers of Parish Registers with the Society

A major objective of the Society has always been to transcribe archive records, usually parish registers, and to make the results readily available to family history researchers everywhere. This objective is achieved by volunteers transcribing and checking of these records. The process is coordinated by the Society Project Coordinator (PC). The Coordinator, like all other officers and committee members, is also a society volunteer.

Briefly the transcribing process includes these steps:

  • The PC, in agreement with the society committee, will have a programme of records to be transcribed
  • The transcriber will be provided with fiche copies of the register and the computer programme to use and will require access to a fiche reader machine. There are a number of ways this can be achieved:
      • The Society will provide a fiche reader, however the transcriber needs to live within reasonable distance of the Root Cellar for this to be practicable.
      • The transcriber may already own  such a machine.
      • The transcriber may have access to a library where fiche machines can be used.
  • The transcriber enters the details from the register into the society computer programme.
  • The Fiche and the data programme are returned to the PC who creates a printed copy of the data.
  • The fiche and printed copy are given to a checker who checks the data against the original fiche and marks up any discrepancies.
  • Everything is returned to the PC who will complete the editing, add notes and publish the results in a booklet.
  • The information is then freely available at the Root Cellar and the booklets are available for purchase.

Many transcribers have found it helpful to begin by checking transcriptions before moving on to transcribing registers.

More detailed guidelines for the checking and transcribing processes are here.

Interested? Please click here to contact the Society about your interest.