Transcription Survey

The Parish Register transcription project has been running for some years and your committee is now taking the opportunity to review the process and consider any changes that might be introduced. Computing facilities have changed considerably in recent years so we are putting forward some updating possibilities. Examples are shown here and we would appreciate receiving your views on these, and associated topics, by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

Data Input

The present method:

Data is entered into a tabbed Word document where some fields have be truncated due to their length.


A Spread Sheet

Using a spreadsheet provides a self contained 'cell' for each data field. The column width can be adjusted to fit the final publication and 'word wrap' used so truncation is not required. Compatible spreadsheets are included in both Microsoft and Open Source operating systems.

A Database

For the transcriber this will appear similar to a spreadsheet but has advantages in the subsequent data processing routines. It may require installation of  an application on the transcribers computer.

A Form

A form, containing all the fields for a single record would be displayed. On completion of each record the form is 'submitted' and a blank form displayed for the next record. May require an installation on transcribers computer unless used 'Online'.

Data Source

Traditional Method

Micro fiche sheets viewed on a Microfiche Reader.

Recent Introduction

Scans of Micro fiche sheets, saved as computer (.pdf) files which can be viewed on transcribers computer, either by downloading onto the computer or viewed online whilst stored in a 'Google Drive' folder. This method removes the need for transcribers to have a microfiche reader at home.