Sue Hirst did  a One-Name study of the Wimpenny/Winpenny surname and following her death, her husband David, donated all her work to the Society in the hope that we can make it available to other people. There are 11,141 entries in the study which includes around 1500+ unique surnames from many places including USA and Canada.

The original data was contained in 51 Family Tree Maker files.  The Society Data Manager has extracted the names, birth, christening, marriage, death, burial, parents and spouse details from the FTM files and made them available here.

The Wimpenny data has been temporarily removed. It has been pointed out that there were some errors in the table and these seem to have arisen in the data conversion process we used. Work is in hand to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

To search the table enter a name (or part of, minimum 4 characters) in the search box and the table will begin to display all entries containing that word. To further refine the search use one or more of the search boxes at the head of each column.
The data is set out to enable the parents of a person in the left column to be identified. To identify the children of a family then add the father and, optionally, the mothers names in the search boxes at the head of their columns (and ensure that the family surname is entered in the main search box) and any children in the file will be shown.
E.g enter ‘Wimp’ in the initial search box and then enter father and mother ‘John Wimpenny’ and ‘Emma Boothroyd’ to list their children.
Please allow a few seconds for the search process to happen each time information is entered into a search box.